I went into the home just for a paperwork day today.  Greeted with lots of: “what you doing here?” from the kids, and “when you going home?” They don’t like it when you’re not there to be with them.  Still, their rudeness wound me up slightly today.  That and some of my colleagues having their heads up their backsides, which meant every time I left the office I found unsupervised children doing things they shouldn’t.

Four hours of risk assessment updating turned into seven because of dull IT misery but  the utter pointlessness of most risk assessments did for me in the end…

Let’s say I write a risk assessment on swimming:  I have to include the possibility of slipping on the floor as a risk and state why this is a risk – a child might hurt themselves.  Now there is nothing I can type into a Word doc which will reduce this risk.  Nothing at all. I can say that staff will seek medical treatment if a child is injured but anyone would do that anyway.  And anyone who wouldn’t certainly shouldn’t be working in a children’s home.

A favourite phrase is: “Staff will consider the child’s emotional state before allowing them to participate in the activity.” As if anyone is going to take kids swimming when they are kicking off.

I was paid about eighty quid today (which in the end came from the tax payer) and not one child is even a tiny bit safer.