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After the outrage – let’s think about what happened at Medway Secure

OK…let me be clear from the get go…I’m pretty jaded and did not expect to be shocked by the content of last night’s Panorama: Teenage Prison Abuse – but I was…

I thought I would see some excessive and inappropriate use of restraint, some swearing at the kids and that kind of thing.  I did not expect to see staff openly engaging in a culture of thuggery and sadism.  It was appalling, cruel, disturbing, a genuine outrage and so on and so forth.

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Violence, boundaries, control and physical intervention

So, last night myself and a colleague restrained Mo in a variety of different holds for nearly two hours. Mo kept hurting us – biting, spitting, head butting, punching and on two separate occasions kicked my colleague, Jane, in the crotch.  Sometimes I held him on my own.  This is considered poor practice but we had other children to look after who are all capable of kicking off if they feel ignored.  The child in question wanted to be held as his behaviour, and what he said, indicated.

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